Establishment June 27, 1994
Official Name Japan Radio Air Navigation Systems Association (JRANSA)
JRANSA is non-profit Foundation supervised by Japan Civil Aviation Bureau.
Address Kaiji Center Building 3F 4-5 Koujimachi, chiyoda-ku,Tokyo, JAPAN 102-0083
Administration Dept +81-3-5214-1351 +81-3-5214-1359
Research & Study Dept +81-3-5214-1352
Research & Development Dept
Satellite Navigation Research Unit
Satellite Engineering Dept +81-3-5214-1353
Chairman Mr.Masato Obata
Chief Executive Director Mr.Katsuyuki Nakatsubo
Objective The objective of the JRANSA is to contribute to the development of air transportation and aviation industry by supporting research and development of new technologies and promoting research studies for technical radio air navigation system (hereinafter refer to as radio air navigation system consisting from aircraft onboard equipment, air navigation facilities and air traffic control facilities.), technical cooperation overseas, expansion of air navigation knowledge, and technical performance and mutual friendship of those who are participating in the air navigation services.
Research and development of radio air navigation systems
Cooperation to international standardization of radio air navigation systems
Research and study of radio air navigation system
Research and study of execution technique and management of works of radio air navigation systems
Overseas technical assistance of radio air navigation systems
Popularization of technical knowledge of radio air navigation systems
Liaison and coordination among aviation related organizations and members of the JRANSA
  Control and housekeeping of satellite navigation systems
Other related activities deemed necessary to achieve the above objectives
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