(GNSS Implementation Plan Training in ASEAN)

Project Background

Project Objective

Project Output

Outputs indicators to measure the project's achievements Means of Verification
Training for Manager
Output 1:
Increased knowledge and application of GNSS practices for civil air transportation in ASEAN region among the managers participating in the training.
The level of enhanced Knowledge on GNSS implementation.Confidence ( 1-5 scale) of the administrators participating in the training. After the manager course training, through equate survey for the trainee, level of understanding the effectiveness of GNSS application for civil air transportation.
Training for Implementation Planner
Output 2:
Improved skills and ability of the person in charge of introduction and implementation plan of GBAS/SBAS.
The level of enhanced Knowledge on GNSS implementation. Practical examination of the person in charge of introduction and implementation plan of GBAS/SBAS. By final examination of training course as well as practical examination, the knowledge and skill level increase of trainees would be evaluated@based on the score of more than 60% of each examination.
GNSS Data Analyzer
Output 3:
Secured GNSS application validation measure in ASEAN region.
The analyzer is installed and the Secured GNSS validation measure in ASEAN region is provided. Manage the process until the installation of GNSS Data Analyzer is completed, and monitor the progress of installation work.

Project Main Activities

1) To provide seminars as training with respect to worldwide trend of GNSS introduction, implementation cost and effect, issues to be improved. This symposium has been planned to be held in Manila, the Philippines.
  GIPTA Symposium
 @ Sep 8-9, 2022 @ Diamond Residence Makati
2) To hold a training by inviting engineer and project planner who are in charge of implementing GNSS in each ASEAN country and to provide them technology, technical knowledge and know-hows for introducing GNSS securely.
  GIPTA Training
 @ Nov 8-17, 2022 @ Manila CATC
3) To evaluate the reliability of each Global Positioning System (GPS) and SBAS signal data by the use of GNSS data analyzer during the GNSS training in above.
  Set up GNSS data analyzer
 @ Sep 7, 2022 @ Manila CATC

Project Photos Symposium

Project Photos Training

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